Between 70-96% of website visitors will never return after they leave your website.

Wouldn't you want to collect their information before they leave with our next Generation Smart Chatbot Automation?

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One-Time Payment. No recurring fees

Plan Features


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This includes a free an initial setup and configuration of your chatbot from start to finish.

Multilingual Flags

You can choose which from the 25 languages you want your chatbot to speak. Dominate markets internationally to increase more sales. See a complete list here.

Superwoman Elevated iPhone

Get access to all our 3D logo avatars. See our gallery here.

3D Avatars Pricing

Get access to all our 3D avatars. See our gallery here.

3D Animal Avatars Pricing

Get access to all our animal avatars. See our gallery here.

Green Screen Woman Humanspokesperson On Website

Use an unlimited number of human spokesperson avatars whether it be yourself or someone else. See a sample here.

With logo branding, we can attach your company logo on a logo avatar to increase branding visibility. Note: logo branding will only work for logo avatars and some animals indicated with the "Your Logo Here" text. For more information, please go here.

Pre Made Chat Script Library

We have over 50 different industries of pre-made chat scripts that you can choose from including some best sellers with the highest engagement. You can also customize them to your liking. Learn more here.

Create Your Own Chat Flow Script

You can create your own script from scratch if you don't like any of our pre-made templates. Incorporate elements to boost engagement such as URL, Pictures, Videos, and a lot more. For more info, please go here.

With this feature enabled, your chatbot will automatically auto-translate chats based on your visitor's location. The auto-translation tool supports more than 30 languages. You can read more about it here.

Avatar Chatbox Chatbox Only Avatar Only

Choose among three styles of chat campaigns: 1) Avatar and Chatbox dialog, 2) Avatar only with no chatbox, 3) Chatbox with no avatar.

Download your chat reports to csv file which contains all conversations between the bot and visitor on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis.

These text-to-speech voices makes your chatbot sound more like a natural human being and non-robotic. There are 55 premium voices to choose from in 25 different languages. Learn more here.

Represents how many times you can make changes to your chatbot per month. A single change (e.g. just changing the avatar, colors, speech, etc.) counts as one revision. Any revisions made over this limit will be assessed an extra charge.


Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence is like having a mind of a human. Interact with your visitors intelligently based on how they respond improving response rates, likeability, and satisfaction. Learn more here.

Removal of cubitize branding means your chatbot will not have a powered by cubitize link below the chatbox.

Instead of having the cubitize branding link and name below the chatbox, you can use your own company name or link to strengthen your brand.

Browsers like Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox don't allow your videos to auto-play. However, with this feature enabled, your chatbot will instantly play in the background silently and display a large animated "click for sound" button. A brilliant strategy for peaking your visitors'curiosity and attention. For more info, please go here.

With this feature, your chatbot will shake in circular directions when it's minimized. One of the best features for grabbing attention without disturbing your audience's comfort or annoyance levels. Read more here.

This feature gives you real time feedback as to what's working and what isn't. Upon request, each month you will receive screen copies of your chat campaigns showing performance analytics based on geo-location, engagement time, conversions, abadonement, and much more. Learn more here.

*Any revisions made after the initial configuration will be assessed an extra charge.

Exclusive Bonus #1: FREE Advertising Coupons (Over $200 Value)

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Perfect Audience Logo Ads Pricing Page

(the #1 lead retargeting platform in the world where you can have your products advertised on CNN, Fox News, Buzz Feed, and many more premium networks)

Exclusive Bonus #2: 78 E-commerce Videos For Facebook Ads ($1,200 Value)

Ecommerce Video Ads

You'll get 78 viral e-commerce creative common videos which you can use to run Facebook Ads. These are the same videos top marketers used to build a 6-7 figure business.

Exclusive Bonus #3: White Label Access To A Library Of 80,000 Content Pieces ($2,000 Value)

Content Engine Library

Get full access to content across many various niches including without limitation accounting, business, health, affiliate marketing, internet business, computers, and a ton MORE! Use these content pieces on your blogs, videos, social media, website, and eBooks without having to reinvent the wheel. Content is King, but with Content Engine it becomes a Fatter King!

Exclusive Bonus #4: Accounting, Invoicing, And Receipt Tracking Management App

Invoicing Samples

Create eye-catching, professional, and unlimited invoices for your clients in 5 minutes. Track unlimited income, expenses, and other accounting transactions in one dashboard. You can also scan unlimited receipts with a snapshot of your phone and integrate it with the app's accounting software. With this tool you, consider your bookkeeping work to be consolidated in your wallet.


Comfort-care guarantee

No hassles

No surprises

No Fees

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

We've spent over 11,850 hours of time developing 3D Chat Buddy to make sure you're highly satisfied. We deliberately took the extra mile to iron out any imperfections because we care about the quality of our product and your usage confidence.

But we understand, not everyone is going to share the same expectations as we and our loyal customers do - and that's totally ok! 🙂 That's why, if for whatever reason, you're dissatisfied, you can return 3D Chat Buddy for a full refund within 30 days and keep ALL the leads you generated. Yes; we believe in fairness!

All we ask is to please state the reasons for the refund request. By being transparent, we can truly understand what went wrong, so we can improve our products and better serve our future clients.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Paypal Credit and will it help me save money?

*Please click the blue banner image above to read more about Paypal Credit.

Paypal Credit is a financing program managed by Paypal only offered to the U.S. and Canada. With Paypal credit, you can save money because you don’t have to pay the full price now.

Rather, you only need to make a minimum monthly payment (usually less than $30) with no interest for 6 months. The remaining balance at month 6 will then be due in full.

We highly recommend all our potential clients from these countries to take advantage of this advantageous promotion.

Think about it!

With Paypal Credit, it’s the equivalent of almost trying this chatbot for FREE for 6 months with no risk on your end.

*Please note, if you decide to enroll with Paypal Credit, to avoid any interest charges, you must pay the minimum balance each month on time and the full remaining balance due at month 6.

Do I need a website in order to use your chatbot?

Since our software generates a snippet of code once the chatbot is finalized, you must have a website to be able to insert this code.

How can chatbots help my business?

Out chatbot is designed in a special way to automate your business on autopilot 24/7 to:

  1. Boost customer value
  2. Collect leads and customer data to be used for retargeting and follow ups
  3. Increase your ROI and sales
  4. Add a personal touch to cold visitors, which helps them stay on your website longer
  5. Save money reducing at least 20% of the time spent on customer emails and phone support
  6. Answer the mundane and routine based questions such as without limitation "what is your phone number"; or "how do I book an appointment"; or "how much your services costs"
  7. Hold a personal human-like conversation with your visitors via artificial intelligence similar to Apple Siri and Amazon Alexa technology
I am worried that this is too complex and I have no experience to operate this chatbot. Will this be a problem?

All of the setup, configuration, and management is done by our team. You don’t need to know the technicalities or nuances of using this software. All you need to do to start this process is fill out our user-friendly New Request Form after you made your purchase to get the process started.

Upon your discretion, we can also deploy our recommended chatbot settings so you don't have to spin your wheels in figuring out how to customize it.

Lastly, to really make this a simple hassle-free process for you, we have ready-made chat templates. All that’s required is a few customization edits and we can deploy your chatbot in minutes!!!

I am worried I don't have the creativity to let you know the types of customizations I want for my chatbot. Will this be a problem?

Absolutely not.

We have pre-designed templates and recommended settings, which we believe will convert very well with hardly any intervention from your end. Once we set up everything in a matter of minutes, you can forget about parenting - that’s, constantly being on the lookout for your chatbot “child”.

With industry-leading technologies like artificial intelligence, text-to-speech, and one-click translation, the chatbot is designed to automate your business on autopilot.

What's the New Request Form, Upgrade Request Form, and Edit Request Form and where can I download them?

The New Request Form is the first requirement for our team to know how to set up and customize your chatbot. Without the form, we won’t know how to set up your chatbot, such as which avatars to use, or what language to select, or what chat scripts to choose from, etc.

After you make your purchase, please go here and fill out this form in order for us to start building your chatbot.

*Please note, we cannot build your chatbot or install it on your website until you complete and submit the New Request Form.

The Upgrade Request Form is only required if you want to upgrade your current plan. For example, if you bought the basic plan and later decided you want to upgrade to the pro or elite plan, you would fill this form out.

The Edit Request Form is only required if you want to make any revisions to your chatbot after you submitted the New Request Form. For example, after you submitted the New Request Form, if you later decided you want to change your avatar, colors, chat script, or anything else, you would fill out the Edit Request Form.

Does your chatbot work on Windows and Mac?

Yes it does. You don’t need to download anything. Everything is hosted on the cloud and will work on any operating system. All you need is an Internet connection.

Do I have to pay tax like Value-Added Tax (VAT)?

VAT is a tax, like sales tax in the U.S., placed on the value of a product. It's only imposed as part of the final sales price to buyers located outside of the U.S. AND who belong to any of the 28 member states of the European Union (EU).

It's NOT a HIDDEN FEE nor is it additional revenue we're pocketing.

VAT is a regulatory requirement mandated by the European Union Commission for any businesses, like us, located in the U.S. selling digital products overseas.

For a list of the 28 countries affected by VAT, click here. If you want to know more about why sellers, like us, need to comply and charge VAT to EU buyers, click here.

If VAT defers you from the purchase, even though I am required to remit the VAT payment to the EU each quarter, email us at [email protected]

Do you have any training videos or documents?

Since, all the set up and configuration work is done by us, you don't need to watch any boring training videos, read lengthy tutorials, or participate in any training forum.

You just have to take time (10-15 mins) to fill out the New Request Form and we will take care of the rest.

If I want to make chatbot revisions or edits, where do I go?

All chatbot revisions or edits must be made on the Edit Request Form.

This can happen when you first complete and submit the New Request Form and later decide to change certain features on your chatbot. This can include wanting a different avatar, voice, chat script, or anything else.

What makes your chatbot different compared to the competition?

First, it is our price.

You will not find this price anywhere. Other companies will charge anywhere between $50-$500 PER MONTH.

We charge a one-time flat rate FOR LIFE with no hidden fees, monthly bills, or any other unnecessary strings attached.

Not only is our price more favorable than our competitors, but secondly, we offer more value as well. Our chatbot is innovative to include the latest industry leading features not available in other apps that would cost thousands of dollars. These include:

  1. Award winning automated human-like assistant like Apple Siri and Amazon Alexa - because our chatbot has artificial intelligence, it can hold a more natural, smarter, and personable conversation. Your visitors will be 3x more likely to engage and stay longer on your website because they will be amused.
  2. More than 30 Interactive 3D Caricature, REAL HUMAN, AND EVEN ANIMAL Avatars - currently, there’s not even a single company that offers chatbot animation in the form of avatars. As such, because we offer chatbot avatars, you’re truly getting a one-of-kind priceless antique that is not available elsewhere. Our 3D avatars were made in-house that costed thousands of dollars to create. Plus, as an additional bonus, you can even go so far to customize the avatar by including your own video. With a 3D avatar near your chatbot’s side, your website visitors will be more inclined to interact and have an overall better experience than a “naked” bot.
  3. One-click logo branding - you can append your own logo onto the chatbot to increase brand awareness. It also moves and flexes with the avatar's movements for more realism.
  4. Mulilingual in 25 different languages - no other company has this type of support except ours. Translate any chat flow into 25 other languages to expand your sales globally.
  5. Smart analytics engine - because of the artificial intelligence feature, you can get real-time feedback on what's working and not. The chat flows will be adjusted automatically to improve results as you go. Depending on the plan you choose, you also get in-depth analytics on conversions, geo-location, engagement time, and much more!
  6. Next-generation text-to-speech human-like technology for 53 voices - what the hell does this mean? In a nutshell, it's the same technology used in Apple Siri and Amazon Alexa where your chatbot will not sound like a robot, but rather like a human being. With this premium feature, your voices will sound more natural than other text-to-speech systems. No need to hire voice over artists.
  7. Massive upcoming ground-breaking updates - as a sneak peek preview, one such update we plan on rolling out is an exit intent message. This is similar to an exit popup promotion to prevent the visitor from exiting your website too soon or leaving empty handedly.
Is your chatbot mobile-friendly?

Of course?

Out chatbot is optimized to be used on all devices including computers, mobile phones, and tablets as well as on all operating systems (Windows, Android, iOS, etc.)

How do I install your software on my website?

After you fill out the New Request Form, we will install it for you with a snippet of code. All you need to do is provide us with your WordPress or website login credentials.

Where do I go to start this process and how do I choose my avatar, colors, design, and any other customization option?

First, you need to select a plan (basic, pro, or elite) and make payment.

After you make payment, please fill out all the required fields in the New Request Form.

We will also include this link in your automated email after you make your purchase (please check your spam or junk folder if you didn't receive our email). You can also email us at [email protected]). This form contains all the images, screenshots, options, and features to help you choose the right settings for your unique business.

*Please note, we cannot build your chatbot or install it on your website until you complete and submit the New Request Form.

Do you offer a money back guarantee?

Yes, we certainly do!

Our utmost priority is to ensure you're 100% satisfied with your purchase. That starts with providing you a 30 day money back, comfort-care guarantee.

If after 30 days, you're not completely satisfied, we will refund you in full hassle-free, no questions asked. Any leads or data you generated using our chatbot software will be yours to keep. 🙂

That is just our small gift for taking the time to try our product.

You also have the option of enrolling in Paypal Credit (assuming you're from the U.S. or Canada) and test out the waters for 6 months with no interest. Rather than paying full price upfront, all that's required is a very small monthly payment (usually less than $30 per month).

Then the full remaining balance will be due at month 6 to Paypal without any interest (assuming you paid on time) giving you plenty of time to test our chatbot, generate more sales, and increase your conversions, especially with cold traffic.

With this type of program near your side, you have everything to gain and nothing to lose!

We take pride in looking after your financial interest only and utmost satisfaction!

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