3D Chat Buddy

The First Multilingual 3D Avatar Bot That Thinks Humanly

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Choose Your Chatbot Style

Avatar And Chatbox

Chatbox Only

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Groundbreaking Features Built On Innovative Technology

Multilingual In 25 Different Languages

Over 30 3D Animated Avatars

Unlimited Customizable Human Avatars

One Click Logo Branding To Increase Visibility

Auto-Play Chatbot Video Even On Unsupported Browsers

Auto-Translate Chats Based On Your Visitor's Location

Artificial Intelligence Just Like Apple Siri and Amazon Alexa

Over 5 3D Animal Avatars

55 Human Text-To-Speech Voices Like Siri And Alexa

Full In-Depth Smart Analytics On Chat Results

Shake Effect Animation To Grab User's Attention

Library Of Chat Scripts For Various Industries

Integrate 3D Chat Buddy Seamlessly On Prominent Applications


3D Chat Buddy Can Be Used In Any Business Model

Have An E-Commerce Or Dropshipping Store?

If you have an e-commerce or dropshipping store on Shopify, OpenCart, Woocommerce, WordPress, or some other platform, you can use our chatbot to personalize the entire sales process.

Offer discounts codes, prizes, and surveys without being so intrusive or forceful with popup messages.

Without annoying popup messages, it will be easier to build your subscribers' list through cordiality. To maximize your chances of success, you can offer a coupon in exchange for the email. With their email, you can retarget them on other deals in case they don't buy the first time.

And to spice things up, our chatbot not only answers visitors questions efficiently and intelligently, but it can also help them in the checkout process in case they get stumped or have questions.

This means less cart abandonments and more sales!

Are You An Affiliate Or Internet Marketer?

3D Chat Buddy is so versatile you can either add it on your existing squeeze or landing page or use it solely as your own AFFILIATE LANDING PAGE!

This means you don't need a landing page nor spend extra money on landing page builders like ClickFunnels. If you have the budget, you can if you want to, but it's not necessary to capture leads.

Because 3D Chat Buddy is hospitable and humanly intelligent, just set-and-forget and your entire sales funnel will be ready to go including:

Capturing and building an email list

Offering freebies

Adding your affiliate links to product offers

Unlocking extra features via upsells or downsells

Offering discounts or promo codes

Fostering rapport and trust via video introductions

Are You A Product Creator?

Launching your own product is always an exciting and innovative venture. Couple that with 3D Chat Buddy and you got yourself a solid advertising giant!

Not only does our chatbot socialize with your day-to-day users, but can also advertise your products and business without ANY HARD SELLING!

Have any best sellers or newly added items? No problem. 3D Chat Buddy will patiently guide your visitors to any type of product you want them to know about.

Want to increase buyer's confidence before a purchase? Use 3D Chat Buddy to make your customers visually aware of your testimonials and company history.

Want to retarget your visitors for FREE? Then use 3D Chat Buddy to grab their emails in exchange for a coupon, free gift, or product. You can then retarget your email leads for free to close the sale or recommend other similar products.

Are You A Blogger?

Blogging is an excellent way to spread your name like wild fire, especially when it comes to SEO (search engine optimization). The better the SEO, the better you will rank on search engines like Google and Yahoo.

And when you add our chatbot on not one...not two...not three...but on ALL your blog pages and articles, you're creating multiple outlets for SEO growth.

How so? Since the nature of our chatbot is made for interaction, your bounce rates (the time someone leaves your website without any interaction) will drop and customer retention will rise. The longer someone stays and interacts on your website, the more SEO points you get.

Stimulating high interaction for a healthy SEO can be done by asking your users to:

Leave any comments or questions

Click on any social media like or share buttons for a freebie

Click links to other areas or blogs on your website

Follow you on social media to increase your presence

Do You Own A Brick-And-Mortar Business?

Just like with your digital business, 3D Chat Buddy offers the same number of possibilities for your tangible business.

As a CPA, lawyer, dentist, doctor, hair specialist, or some other field, 3D Chat Buddy can book appointments or free consultations for your clients on the go 24/7.

It can also answer pertinent frequently asked questions beforehand such as the types of insurance accepted by your medical practice, hours of operation, location, cost of services, and much more!

It's a win-win for both your clients and staff. Depending on your business needs, you may not need a virtual agent or secretary to answer phone calls and book appointments. And from the perspective of the client that means superior satisfaction due to less phone queue and faster response times.

With our chatbot software, you can also complete takeout orders for your restaurant or make reservations. The sky is literally your limit!

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