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Rob Schmidt
Niche: Marketing
Navaratnam Raveendran
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Written Testimonials

Linda Eggleston Testimonial
Linda Eggleston
Niche: Digital Marketing

"In the five plus years that I have been active in the digital marketing space, I've seen numerous chatbots come and go. The 3D Chat Buddy is my all in one bot to get the job done. The first impression I got when I first saw this on a site was, "how cool is that?" A talking avatar to greet my visitors and speak in multiple languages to personalize the conversation to my visitor.

This never before seen bot has helped preserve my website's retention rates. A great product that's backed with strong support! I didn't go wrong with this 3D Chat Buddy!"

Cyndy Rubic Testimonial
Cyndy Rubic
Niche: Internet Marketer

"Cubitize is taking a different approach compared to the competition. Rather than having to learn how to build your own chatbot, Cubitize does all the heavy lifting. You just need to spend 5 minutes filling out a customization form and Cubitize takes care of the rest.

This chatbot development saved me a prodigious amount of time from having to watch tutorials, read articles, or participate in the forums. No need for all of that.

Talk about a done for you product where you don't need to learn how to "build the car"."

Keith Troup Testimonial
Keith Troup
Niche: IT Software

"Online Chatbot technology has really changed how effective communication can be added to a website, or app to connect with customers for simple easy to implement questions and answers for today’s business owner.

It allows our company to provide customer service, and capture leads keeping users on our website longer to engage with our products and services.

This one little change has immense impact on our ability to connect with clients intelligently and more often."

Sule Abdulrasheed Testimonial
Sule Abdulrasheed
Niche: eCommerce

"This is the kind of technology we have been looking for. The chabot system has greatly helped generate a lot of warm leads for my business without any opt in forms. Our spending on Facebook ads has reduced drastically thanks to this innovative tool.

This tool engaged our customers longer on our website and produced a warm sale without shoving your product down their throats. It works like magic.

Thanks to you Joe for introducing us to this marvelous animated chatbot that have been getting us new customers!"

William Custance Testimonial
William Custance
Niche: Online Marketer

"We are a small marketing agency trying to streamline our customer service while cutting our payroll costs. After searching on the Internet, I discovered 3d chat buddy. At first glance, having a custom 3d sounded like a good fit because of more growth opportunities. But like any new product, I was hesitant and worried about whether it would produce any sales.

After reading more about Cubitize and these reviews, I decided to move forward. I knew I can test run the app for 30 days and keep any leads it generated for free during that time period if I decided to ask for a refund.

I have to give a lot of credit to Joe and his team for their attention to detail and making the entire order process seamless. It's not only obvious that much thought, time, and creative effort went into creating 3d chat buddy, but also in rendering the service.

The forms required to process the order were simple, detailed, and very clear to the letter. I had no trouble filling them out. Additionally, Joe and his team delivered on time as promised, and within 24-48 hours I had my chatbot deployed on my website.

After thoroughly testing this product for 2 months now, and seeing my chat history results, I am confident to say I can now spend less on virtual assistants. The automation 3d chat buddy provides to my customers are like no other. The best part is it operates 24 hours 7 days a week without overhead costs and leaving our customers hanging.

With the way digital technology is heading, this is going to be the next big masterpiece for the future! I am grateful to have invested my money in this futuristic AI bot that can bring new layers of sales to our company."